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Print - Main Aisle signLet graphics bring life to your display.

Offering both screen and digital printing on an array of materials like coroplast, polystyrene and vinyl, Mersol enables you to produce visual merchandising with superior value engineering and finishing services.

From labels and signs to entire flipbooks, we utilize both screen and digital printing to suit your graphic needs. Employing many printing processes – including large format printing, four color process, small and medium press, rapid prototyping and small print runs – we cover a wide spectrum of processes with numerous options for shape, size and color. And depending on your business needs, we are set for either long or short runs.


Screen Printing

If you are looking for more freedom and flexibility with your graphics, then screen printing is your best choice. Covering the widest spectrum of sizes and shapes with the option for long or short runs, screen printing is by far the most versatile printing process. Whether basic or complex graphics, we use process colors and add flat solid colors or specifically match colors for printing.

Digital Printing

If you are looking for expedited prototyping and small print runs, digital printing is your best option. We offer the most cutting-edge, direct-to-substrate digital printing with our wide-spectrum HP printer. Direct digital printing is excellent for creating prototypes, testing concepts for customers and for expediting the project as a whole.


To complete your display, we offer high-quality finishing – which is the final process in the completion of your graphics. Offering complex die cuts like steel rule and thermal die cutting alongside guillotine cutting, laminating, hemming and grommeting, we offer countless options for your graphic finishing needs. Serving retailers for over 25 years, Mersol has the experience and expertise to provide you with a finished product that perfectly fits your specifications and vision.


Ask one of our associates how we can help complete your display needs, today!


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