Visual Merchandising: Displays & Fixtures

Catching Your Consumer’s Eye

Metal Upright Display

We understand what triggers a customer to make a purchase, and we develop store displays, fixtures and designed environments that are sure to catch the eye of your consumer. Applying years of market and user research, we illuminate opportunities for customer engagement. We understand what draws your customers in, and how to keep them coming back.

At Mersol, we are your one source for all display and fixture needs. Through these three phases of development, we garner the best understanding of your business’ display and fixture needs:


At Mersol, listening is fundamental to understanding your business. We work with you to gain insight into your typical or desired customers, their needs and ultimately what attracts them to your products. Based on this initial research, we then generate suggestions and ideas that better suit the needs of your business.

Concept Development

After bringing light to the needs of your business, we develop a concept that provides ideas and suggestions on how to enhance your customer’s overall store experience through strategically crafted displays and eye-catching fixtures that hit your target market.

Prototyping & Testing

Analyzing user research from the first two phases of development, we create and implement a design. Design is key to drawing your customer’s in, so we engineer products that are effective, attractive, sustainable and unique to your business. Through a series of rapid prototyping and testing, we ensure that our product is the best retail merchandising solution for your business. We provide hand-built prototyping to provide proof of concept for all of our clients.

Driving home sales by fully understanding your business’ consumer experience, we create highly effective merchandising display solutions with clear return on investment.


Creating displays with customer experience top-of-mind, we customize effective merchandising solutions from an assortment of materials – including plastic, metal and wood as well as mixed media solutions. By combining multiple production processes, we can provide you with the best customizable solution for your business’ ideal turnkey display.

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