Wood Fixtures & Displays

Wood can add a refined touch to your design.

If you are looking for something simple and refined, wood is a great solution for your next custom display. The feeling of crafted wood can really give your display a more sophisticated and unique look for your brand and business, and is ideal for showrooms or for simply selling wood-related products.

Offering complete milling and assembly of wood components and displays, our talented designers and engineers will work with you to build your next custom wood display – keeping your business’ budget and specifications in mind. Combining manufacturing processes like CNC routing, assembly, metal fabrication and wood fabrication, we can provide you with numerous visual merchandising options. Whether you desire an all-wood display or wood trim, piecing together your vision is our objective. With rapid prototyping, quick responsiveness and turn-around, we will bring your vision to life.

Talk to one of our associates about how you can accent your next display with wood, today!

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